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O’Neill Industries

Energy and Industrial Solutions

O’Neill Industries International, Inc

Energy and Industrial Solutions

O’Neill Industries

Who We Are

O’Neill Industries, comprises an integrated family of companies that operate in the energy, environmental, transportation, and manufacturing sectors. O’Neill offers a family of products and services to enhance the production and transportation of oil & gas, to remediate the impact of hydrocarbons on the environment, and to extract hydrocarbons from heavy oil and oil sands. Our technology delivers value for our stakeholders including investors, clients, and partners.

Our Services



Services include Electrical, Design, Drafting, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Processing, Petroleum, and hands-on engineering in any industry.



Services from Reservoir to Refinery with a focus on production enhancement.


Enhanced Oil Recovery

Offers many solutions including steam technology and heavy oil extraction machines to produce in areas where others cannot.


Small-Scale Refining

Offers modular refining systems to supply fuel in remote areas.


Chemicals And Remediation

Provides a line of environmentally friendly chemicals and effective remediation for spills and blowouts.


Manufacturing and Transportation

Provides machining and design work as well as international packing and transportation.

Operations Overview

“O’Neill Industries has operations across the globe focused on providing value to our clients with engineering, operations/production enhancement, and technologies.”

Providing Solutions Of Every Kind, At All Times

We develop and manufacture proprietary chemicals, machinery, and technologies for enhanced oil recovery and extraction that set new benchmarks for process, capital, and economic efficiency.

We design, develop, and manufacture proprietary process equipment for heavy oil recovery, well stimulation, tar sands extraction and environmental remediation which are modular, transportable, and efficient.

We design, manufacture, and operate mini-refineries based on proprietary designs which can deliver throughputs of 1,000-5,000 bbl/d. These can be operated in parallel to multiple throughputs and add scale.


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