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Our Affiliates

SurSolutions Technologies is the manufacturing arm for O’Neill Industries that provides liquid manufacturing for the Environmental and Energy Sectors as well as Support Equipment, System Manufacturing, Full Service Machine Shop, Foundry, and System Design Engineering Support Staff.

SourceRock Energy Services is the full service oilfield services arm for O’Neill Industries that provides FSU’s, Fluid Injections, Containment, System Installations and Maintenance, Equipment Transportation, and Staffing for Field Operations.

O’Neill Industries comprises an integrated family of companies which focuses in the Energy and Environmental sectors. O’Neill offers a series of products, equipment, and services which brings new and enhanced solutions to those sectors.

Bio Blend Technologies is the research and development arm for O’Neill Industries that brings together a collaboration of academic researchers, in-house scientists, and engineers.  The primary focus is continuous innovative product research, development, and application solutions.

Green Earth Industrial Solutions is the Construction and forestry arm for O’Neill Industries that provides heavy construction equipment, Site Preparation, Demolition, Excavation, Environmental Construction, Remediation, and Forestry Services.